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Looking for Help !

I am still looking for someone that could help me keep the website alive ! Mostly for adding permalinks and keep the page improving ! Please contact me at this address : nicolas.ophi@gmail.com Thanks ! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The repertoire on this webpage is the result of a research which is part of my studies at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

Like most of my tuba player friends, I knew that Berlioz and Mendelssohn did compose works including ophicleide. I didn't expect to find so much material by other composers.

In fact, this repertoire was supposed to be only a small part of my research. I took basis with what I found on ophicleidists webpages and on a very famous and recommendable book : The Tuba Family by Cliff. Bevan (ISBN 1872203302). Since these sources where listing between 30 and 60 works, I didn't really expect collecting so many pieces.

One of the problems with the existing sources, is that they are not mentioning where and how they found out that ophicleide is used in the list of works they propose. For this reason, I did attach big importance to the sources. Every work in this catalogue has a link that leads to a website where it is possible to re-find where from I did find it.

It is important to remember that this repertoire is not complete. I am sure that a lot of works are missing. It is highly possible that they are in a box somewhere in a library basement or in an old book shop. Which means that the list should grow in the future.

If you are willing to contribute to this repertoire, please contact me.

Finally I say thank you to my good friend David Crisinel that made this webpage happen !

Nicolas Indermühle